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API Product Manager course

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Chapters covering API basics - request, response, endpoints, types of API etc.
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What will you learn?

Learn the what, why and how of APIs and terms like - request, response, endpoints, query parameters, error codes, Oauth, webhooks etc in depth.

Introduction to APIs

Why do we even need an API? What is an API?

Types of APIs

Learn about REST, SOAP and GraphQL

Request & Response

Learn about HTTP request, reponse, endpoint etc.

Work with Postman

Learn how to make HTTP requests using Postman

API Integration

Build sample app by integrating with 3rd party APIs


Learn about webhooks, SDKs, Oauth, API rate limiting, etc

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Meet the creators

About us 02

Deepak Kumar

Deepak currently works as a Software engineer 2 at Airmeet and has taught API to 100s of aspiring product managers and software engineers with API Masterclass series. Reach out to him on LinkedIn

About us 02

Venkatesh Gupta

Venkatesh currently works a Product Manager at India`'`s leading fintech company. He has also co-founded Frontbench - an online marketplace for 1:1 mentorship. Venkatesh has worked extensively on API products and writes a blog on product management at Xplainerr. You can reach out to him on LinkedIn

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