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Best API tools and resources for Product managements

There are several tools that product managers can use to leverage APIs and learn about APIs, including:

1. Postman : Postman is a popular API development and testing tool that allows product managers to interact with APIs and test their functionality.

Checkout more about postman here - Link

2. Swagger: Swagger is an open-source tool for building and documenting RESTful APIs. Product managers can use Swagger to generate interactive API documentation, which can help them understand how APIs work.

Checkout more about swagger here - Link

3. API monitoring tools: There are several tools available for monitoring API performance and usage, such as New Relic, Datadog, and Dynatrace. These tools can help product managers track API usage, identify performance issues, and optimize API performance.

4. API design tools: Tools such as Apiary, Stoplight, and Apigee can help product managers design, build, and test APIs. These tools can provide a visual interface for designing and documenting APIs, making it easier for product managers to collaborate with developers and other stakeholders.

By leveraging these tools, product managers can gain a deeper understanding of APIs and their role in software development, which can help them design better products, collaborate more effectively with development teams, and identify new opportunities for innovation.