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Why should product managers learn about APIs ?

There are several reason product managers should learn about APIs.

1. Understanding the technical landscape

As a product manager, it is important to have a basic understanding of the technical landscape of your product, and APIs play a critical role in that landscape. APIs are the building blocks that allow software systems to communicate with each other, and they are essential for integrating different systems and services.

2. Designing better products**

APIs can be a key factor in the design and development of new products. By understanding APIs and how they work, product managers can identify new opportunities for product development, design better integrations with other systems and services, and improve the overall user experience.

3. Collaboration with development teams**

Product managers work closely with development teams to ensure that products are built according to specifications and delivered on time. Understanding APIs can help product managers communicate more effectively with development teams, provide better technical guidance, and make more informed decisions about development priorities.

APIs are becoming increasingly important in the technology industry, and many companies are leveraging APIs to create new business models and revenue streams. By understanding APIs and their role in the market, product managers can identify new trends and opportunities for innovation.

5. Ensuring product scalability**

As products grow and evolve, they often require integrations with other systems and services. Understanding APIs can help product managers ensure that products are designed in a way that can scale and accommodate future integration needs.